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The former is crushingly hard and requires a lifetime of learning and labor, the latter is cursory and off-hand.A evening of Hilarious Hypnotic Entertainment at the Monte Casino Theatre with Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist.THIS is what I mean when I talk about personal freedom, and that is why the thought of a fanatical cleric in a position of political power makes my blood run cold.It was from out if the rind of one apple tasted, that the knowledge of good and evil, as two twins cleaving together, leaped forth into this world.Seneca says well that anger is like ruin, which breaks itself upon that it falls.It is has always been my ideal to be a citizen of the world and to explore ideas or countries anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Q: Life is so short, and the quiet hours in it so few, that one should not waste any of them reading worthless books.It leaves young people without a compass or any valid points of reference to react to the challenges of today which will determine the shape of tomorrow.

A: I would of course not begrudge you your parental right to limit and supervise what your children view over the World Wide Web.I long ago made a certain peace with the greed and hypocrisy of everyday life.If you want their real e-mail addresses, write me saying why and guaranteeing that you will be cordial in communicating with them.I think every writer must be his or her own most stringent and absolutely unforgiving critic.Puzzlement is what people experience in the rare occasions they face modern art here at the end of the 20th century, and indifference is much more the norm.After a couple of days, I am completely relaxed and in-tune with the slower Mexican way of life.

I do not look to the government to provide for my basic care and upkeep.A: Remarkably little - I have as of yet to receive a flame which I could not have written better or more to the point about my many shortcomings.All the way from the way women can often so strongly believe in secrets to the way they are so different than men in their physical passion and view of the world.The Reformation was a time of intolerance and bloodshed and not a propitious moment in history for heroes. (Look at the fate of Erasmus.Reason is just another code word for the views of the privileged.I believe the greater willingness to shoot one another for next to nothing in the streets comes more from the fraying of civic culture and loosening of any sense of common morality in the past few decades than from the simple availability of these lumps of steel people use to kill each other.

Q: Rich, make no doubt about it: you are old when regrets take the place of dreams.It is our anniversary, and I looked at the stuff back there and it is kind of hard to understand.Teachers who pass all their students are probably not doing their job as it should be done.

I want to have Web surfers here and there stumble upon my pages and then unexpectedly enjoy some beautiful poems and pictures when they thought they were going to do something else that evening.As an antidote to this, I turn from airy intellectuals toward practical men of affairs: soldiers, engineers, shipping tycoons and so on.Q: Good, as I am presently trying to put together a website for my Senior English Lit. class. Not that they really care about my venture into this new technology, of course, but it makes me feel that I am keeping up with the times.Assessment is perhaps the least favorite part of being a teacher for me.I just am trying to say - in a roundabout way - perhaps we all need to discipline ourselves and make room for the arts and that which is tender and best in us.

There is no progress, no revolution of the ages, in the history of knowledge, but at most a sublime recapitulation.Q: You are a breath of fresh air, an oasis of all things beautiful on an ugly internet.Reading the newspaper or hearing of some knucklehead treating a gun as if it were a toy, I often think that MORE young people rather than less should receive this kind of instruction from their elders.Not every disagreement in opinion is a disagreement of principle.

Yet those countries still are a long way from the glory of eighth and ninth century Umayyad or Abassid empires when Arab societies and its scholars and poets were the most advanced in the world.The Scandinavians showed themselves able to shoot straight as they fought valiantly and fiercely against vastly superior forces.I figured if that bonehead Saddam Hussein can paste his irksome visage on the Web and portray himself in a favorable light for all the world to see while outlawing Internet access inside Iraq proper, his webpage was fair game for satire.A: I once asked a woman to go to Paris with me on the second date.Then one day we wake-up and discover that everyone follows their separate paths and occupy the months and years with divergent careers, families, etc., and we realize that the normal condition of everyday adult life is the absence of our friends.It is only with great difficulty that I live the life of a teacher where I need to be at work by 7:00 a.m. Upon the start of vacation, I revert back to my natural schedule of going to sleep around 2 a.m. within a day or two.This is the way to truly humanize the Web and fight those who would turn the Internet into a marketing extravaganza.

And ironically such thinkers and their ideas are the most dangerously seductive to those who are the brightest and deepest thinking.I would also move to collegiate block schedules instead of this factory-schedule everyday grind.How we process it and how it changes us afterwards on the inside is quite another.It is perilous -- the path to extremism, a loathsome and barbarous place to find oneself.Your website gracefully avoids the tendencies towards the extremes and ends up presenting something important: Honesty and common sense.They most likely will admire and pity us, as we do the Romans and Greeks.

I prefer the raw prose of the former genre (like Hemingway) of writer - warts, shortcomings, and all - to the polished and satirical writings of the latter (such as Truman Capote).I have made the same point to certain Vietnam veterans who passionately hate Jane Fonda still for her ill-advised trip to North Vietnam in 1972.Look at all the people who are too chicken shit to say what they really think - or worse, have no opinions worth the offering.I think him a tedious fool and I cannot imagine that anyone will care what he had to say in 200 years.


Today, opinions challenging the status quo are rejected and their proponents often labeled as heretics, even when they are renowned scholars.